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Welcome to auction insider, here you will find all you need to know about police and government auctions.

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  • Police auctions
  • Government, Bankruptcy & Liquidation Auctions
  • lost property
  • HM Customs and Excise
  • Property seized by bailiff and debt collection firms
  • Stolen and unclaimed property

Goods worth millions of pounds are auctioned every year at Police auctions, Government auctions and bailiff auctions. At Police auctions you can pick up computers and laptops, electrical items, mobile phones, clothing, vehicles and bikes. Some items are belongings that might have been seized by bailiffs or finance companies from people in debt. Whatever the case these goods are ready to be snapped up by you! Government auctions are similar in that you can pick up plenty of computers and electrical items. In addition, you can even get your hands on agricultural equipment and specialist vehicles. And the discounts on normal prices at Government auctions are often huge! Property, Cars, Vans, Computers, Plasma TVs, LCDs, iPods, iPads, Bankrupt Stock, Cameras, Antiques, Mobile Phones All at Auction.